Health First Network Launches National Live Healthy, Give Healthy Community Food Drive in Support of Every Plate Full, Canada’s Largest Food Drive

Health First Network is excited to launch the National Live Healthy, Give Healthy Community Food Drive campaign taking place from May 18 to June 9, 2017. The campaign is in support of Every Plate Full, Canada’s largest food drive and aims to help the thousands of Canadians facing hunger, by seeking nutritious food donations to ensure the accessibility of healthy food for everyone and contributing to better health.

Support for food banks is at its lowest during the summer months, while demand from users remains steady. According to Food Banks Canada, food bank reliance is on the rise. Almost 1 million Canadians will access a food bank this summer, 37% of this group being children. 58 Health First Network Member retailers will serve as national food donation drop off locations.

“We are thrilled to be working with the Every Plate Full campaign to help raise awareness about the need for nutritious donations to food banks during the summer,” says Emily Kinread, director of marketing for Health First Network. “Our stores are all about health and wellness, and being healthy starts with access to healthy food.”

“This is the first year of our Live Healthy, Give Healthy Community Food Drive, although many of our stores already worked with their local food banks in some capacity, so partnering with the Every Plate Full campaign was an obvious next step for us to solidify these relationships and expand them across the country.”

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated, with a strong desire to receive items with high nutritional content, including whole grains, canned proteins, dairy alternatives, and low-/no-sodium canned vegetables. Food donations can be made at any of the participating Health First Network Member retail drop off locations, and monetary donations can be made online at

Emily Kinread