Taking A Healthy Bite Out of Your Grocery Bill

Good nutrition is hiding in some inexpensive places – some of which may amaze you. Not quite as amazing as pulling a rabbit out of the hat, but these tricks can sure help take a bite out of your grocery bill. 

Shop the Outside of the Store
Most food retail stores put fresh produce, fish, meat, nuts and seeds on the outside aisles. By shopping the outside aisles, you will fill your grocery cart with nutritious whole foods and cut ¾ of the typical North American’s intake of salt, trans fat and food additives. The world’s healthiest diets (e.g. Mediterranean) are those rich in whole foods.

It’s Not in a Box
The more expensive packaged and processed foods are usually placed in the inner aisles of the store. Yes, packaged food is more expensive. Don’t believe it? Snack on this: per gram, almonds are up to a fifth the price of a popular brand of fish shaped kid’s crackers.

At the End of the Rainbow
Eating a rainbow of colourful fruits and vegetables, offers your body minerals, vitamins and antioxidants needed for health. For the best deals, look for fruits and vegetables that are in-season and local. Since they do not have to be shipped from far away they tend to cost less (…and, tend to taste better too).

Don’t avoid the frozen section!
Frozen fruits and vegetables are nutritious as they are picked and processed at their peak ripeness. They also hold the potential to take a big bite out of your grocery bill. Since frozen produce stores well for months, you can save money by stocking up when they are on sale. This money-saving strategy works great for pantry items too.

In The Bag
Packing your lunch for the day can save you $50 to $75 a week! Plus, it makes it easier to eat healthy foods when hunger strikes mid-day. For easy to-go lunch items, fill small containers with your favourite seeds and dried fruit from the bulk section. Grab and go! If you want pre-packaged lunch box items, check out your local health food store’s flyer for healthier versions than conventional brands.

It’s always fun when you find money between the couch cushions, but with these shopping tricks up your sleeve you’ll always be able to take a bite out of your grocery bill.

Emily Kinread